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QSL Cards, watch the mail....

Ignore the istock in the background, these are the proofs. If you have a qso with either K6LSN or KI6OCK you should receive a card soon. Thanks again to Carl @ iqslusa for all the help with the beautiful QSL Cards he created for the event! If you need some cards give Carl a shout, He was great to work with and got our cards done perfect and on time as promised! Thanks again! 73


Mt. Lassen DXpedition

Well the trip was awesome. Not only did we operate from our main site in the park, we were able to operate from West Prospect Peak Fire Lookout and also a great spot just below Lassen Peak! We still have some video to post from the trip so that will be soon. We learned a lot of things while we were there and are looking forward to the next Portable Operations we have planned. Again thanks for all the support and we hope to keep you informed and entertained in the future! hihi


First Video

We have posted the first of a series of short videos of our trip on the top-right. Please check back for more! 73


Great Views

Well we were QRT last night at 11pm PST, have returned home, and are eager to share our experiences with you so please check back soon. thnx. K6LSN and KI6OCK



We are going to be QRV Friday August 1st . We will be listening for you all! Since June 1st. this blog has had 1201 views from 17 countries. We will be posting lots of Video and Pictures so please check back soon. 73


Gears packed,ready to roll!
With these 4 events happening on the same weekend, Plus the North American QSO Party CW event, the bands are going to be busy. We hope to be of help to the contesters and look forward to hearing alot of stations on the air. I am looking forward to watching Kevins eyes light up when he hears some good ops working! Good Luck,73, K6LSN


Gettin' Ready!!!

We wanted to thank QRZ, Ohio/Penn DX bulletin, Hamwave, Buddipole users Yahoo qroup, and the multitude of other sites that have allowed us to post our dxpedition and all of their support. We want to say Hello to all the people who have visited the blog from over 15 Countries to date. Its kept us motivated and we promise to work very hard, both on the air , and after with all the follow-up work with our log, QSL's, and Emails. This has been a wonderful learning oppurtunity for both Kevin and I.
I recently Emailed one of the people who inspired me lately, N0TU, Steve.( Say hi to Rooster and Peanut for me!) I was glad to hear back from him and I was bummed to find that we missed crossing paths with the Colorado 14er Event on the 10th of August. Well I will just have to repack a few things and scoot up to a peak near my home and see if I can listen for some of them here.
Kevin and I will be packing up and heading out on 07/31 and we are both keeping our fingers crossed for good conditions. One last thing, I got Logger32 loaded in the 98se Laptop and it works great. Nice and lite. So I guess I will have no excuses for not workin through some major pileups right! hihi 73


ATTN: kg6qjj will be K6LSN

I am awaiting confirmation of this callsign, will be finalized around July the 25th. Please listen for "K6LSN Mount Lassen QRZ". 73


Thanks to Tom KG6CSE

KG6CSE lends support with a Honda Generator for Base Camp.
Did a complete practice setup today. The only problem we had was trying to tune up a 100 foot coax that was not attached to an antenna! Woops! Otherwise we had no problems. Antennas work great and Radios work great! Made a few contacts to stations working the contest after we set up the R7 Vertical. Kevin (KI6OCK) experimented with 10 Meters using the Buddistick, which tuned up nice! He also worked on some VHF/UHF gear. We had a good time with it all and are really looking forward to the trip. Thanks again everyone for all the support. Oh, my main job today? DummyLoad! 73 kg6qjj


Thanks to REDXA and IQSLUSA

Thanks to all the folks at the Redwood Empire DX Association. It was an honor meeting you all. Thanks to n6bv for the propagation presentation. Also, thanks to Carl at iqslusa for his help with qsl cards.


Thanks to Charles Ternes, N6OJ, We will now have an antenna farm! A Cushcraft R7 Vertical and an 80M-40M Trap dipole with a 20M monoband dipole should give us the reach we were hoping for. (Note the growing Equipment List). Now lets just pray for Sunspots! 73


Wildfire Haze

Spent the 4th of July with family near Redding, Ca. and got to visit Lassen Volcanic National Park and witness the amount of wildfires in the area. It also gave me an opportunity to review locations we will use for Operation. Our plan is to set up Base camp, and also work Mobile and Portable throughout the stay, both HF and VHF/UHF. Met with Kevin last night and went over plans to do a practice set up of all of our antennas and equipment at a nearby Regional Park, better safe than sorry. I will be posting our QSL card design as soon as possible. 73


O.K. Here it is!

Yes, we finally set the dates! Have a lot of work to do still, equipment, supplies. We plan on being active in several locations. As for now we will be working SSB HF 80m-10m and VHF/UHF simplex (watt per mile). I have let the bears know where we will be camping so they can also be prepared......73 kg6qjj


Field Day was awesome!

Got to spend Field Day with the North Bay Ameteur Radio Club. I missed it last year so I finally made it this year.Operating with the Club Callsign N0BRC,with multiple stations, and on multiple bands, I was definetely impressed.I really enjoyed using all the different equipment and I learned by listening and watching these folks operate.Its really a pleasure to be around people who are humble, not overbearing, and know how to have a good time while still being very, very good Operators. Thanks to NOBARC, and I hope everyone else had a good time. 73 kg6qjj


Great Day!

The picture is of a sweat lodge. I was introduced to this Native American Tradition by my friend Kevin, KI6OCK. This morning I visited the new sweat lodge that was built last night. It looks similar to the one in this picture, yet larger, and without the incredible scenery! First day of summer and I got a chance to work Portable on 20 Meters at two seperate locations today( both within CM88) .KC7YTX, Chris in Idaho Falls, Was calling CQ ,working through the atmospheric static, and I was able to answer and have a 5/7 to 5/9 qso with him for a few. Thanks Chris 73.And this evening I set up the Buddistick again in my buddys driveway and called CQ and was answered by WB7QCS, Robert in Lakewood Washington. Conditions were nice this evening and Roberts station sounded 5/9 , 10 or 20 over. I have to say again I am really pleased with the Buddistick Antenna. Have yet to stand it on a mast and experiment with the ground radial. Done a lot of homework on different setups for the ground and found my way to a great website by N4LS. Spent some time viewing his links and was amazed. 73 for now KG6QJJ (OH, plan to shoot some video of the portable in action and post it here soon, so check back )


Sorry Dragonfly!

Got the Buddistick Antenna today. Packed up and drove up on Sonoma Mountain. Checked into a net on 40 meters, then made a contact on 20 meters ,N7TGF , george in Wash. Great sounding station george! While I was tuning up I roasted a dragonfly! Strange? May go back this evening to experiment some more. Oh, and for the Buddistick-great product and great service! Check these antennas out on the top right of my main page.
73 de kg6qjj


Thanks to all

I thought I would take a minute and try to do the impossible task of listing some of the people who have given me help and encouragemant along the way. First there is Brian, kg6jsm, who helped me get my technician class license and set up my first vhf station.The ChickenNet group on the 145.190 who taught me how to be patient and humorous at the same time.Then there is Jim, kb6zop, who helped me set up my next station. Jim is the one who with continuos knowledge and selfless hand-me-downs of equipment and parts , has shown me the roots and traditions of the ham radio hobby.Then there is Tom, kg6cse, Who was right there to help me move into the real fun part! Tom climbed up in the attic and hung a dipole! My first BIG GUN HF STATION! (hihi). Tom has been another one of the operators who has opened doors to the multiple ways of enjoying ham radio. Chuck, n6oj and Jim, w6wr, are the real BIG GUNs. They both were there with patience and knowledge, Inviting me to their shacks and giving me a taste of what DX was all about. Man this is impossible..... There are so many callsigns I can think I will list a few and if I leave someone out I will probably hear about it, but thats ok.
All The Hams In Sonoma County!!!!!There that should cover most of it..... nn6j,w6wtj,w6hf,kl1we,k6gyl,wb6tms,ke6n,wb6mvt,ab6jp,wb6qaz,wd6ftb,k6map,ki6ock,kd6otc, again this is just the tip of the iceberg, If I missed you feel free to add a comment. I would love to hear from you. You know some of this may sound corny but its the truth. I have met nothing but a lot of good people on ham radio, who most importantly, have been able to accept their differences and still enjoy each other , and that is a wonderful gift. GOODWILL.....73 88 frnw kg6qjj